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Going through my head filled with cheese, and turning it into Chocolate

Saturday, December 28


Elliptical Canvas.com
See YOU there

posted by Drea Beth at 8:43 PM

Thursday, December 19

Asa Please Read This

I have been off-line for the last three days because of server problems. I find out the first night when the kids get home from school that my 9-year-old son has been going to my web pages (all journals) at school and reading the stuff. Now, I must say to you here boy, if your going to come here and read this stuff then you will have to be ready for a few things. Like, sometimes I cuss, sometimes I talk about you and your sisters and its not always nice, sometimes I talk about your dad. It is after all, My journal , and I will say what I want/need to say. You can always click on the comments part and add your own version to my story if you want. I love you and I'm happy you find what I say interesting! (And even show your teachers). Now get back to work silly.

posted by Drea Beth at 1:31 PM

Friday, December 13

I am definitely going to move here this weekend! With or without a nice layout! I have had an offer from C to help find me some help. And I might take her up on that. Test first fun later.

posted by Drea Beth at 1:01 AM

Monday, December 9

We Have Brains asks who are you?

I'm everything I ever wanted to be on any given day. A mother, a wife, a student, an artist, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a teacher, a seamstress, a health care provider, a soldier, a therapist, a healer, a magic maker, a baker. A gift giver, a peace maker, a disabled person, a mentally ill person, a sane person, a short stubborn Irish person, a lover, a fighter, a survivor.

As the song says " Iím a million different people from one day to the next, I can change".

I could not ask for anything better then what I have. I am all these things and more.

posted by Drea Beth at 10:56 PM

Moving here... As soon as I figure out how to add blogger to Pmachine.

posted by Drea Beth at 10:39 AM

Saturday, December 7

jill/txt Research notes written by Jill Walker while working on a PhD thesis on interactive narratives where the reader is positioned as a character in the fictional world.

posted by Drea Beth at 10:25 PM

blogonblog A blog about using blogs. Torill Mortensen and Jill Walker wrote: "Blogging Thoughts, personal publication as an online research tool". Next project is: "Intimate Confessions and Public Display". This blog works as space in which to collect ideas and tangents to this research.

posted by Drea Beth at 10:11 PM

Wednesday, December 4

Raku firing today,should have brought my camera.

posted by Drea Beth at 7:06 PM

Monday, December 2

Self Portrait painting

posted by Drea Beth at 11:44 PM

Last night we took the kids to the play "A Christmas Carol". We all had a great time. We didn't get home until 10:00pm so waking them up this morning was hard. Ship's birthday was also yesterday, I made a cake. Its the last week of classes before finals week.

posted by Drea Beth at 7:48 AM

Wednesday, November 27

Things To Get Done

* Call lawyer

* Mail Amazon Orders

* Buy Tickets to the play "A Christmas Carol"

* Study Art History

* Clean house for Thanksgiving

* Find turkey recipe and green bean hotdish recipe

* Develop film

posted by Drea Beth at 7:36 AM

Sunday, November 24

I am very excited about my upcoming photo class. Sat. I went on a field trip with the photography club to Wilmar to see Carissa's gallery show. Afterwords we went to her house and she gave a demo on how she does her work, we also got to try it out. I really like the idea and plan on trying it out for myself this next semester. My wrist is hurting so much i want to cry. I have taken a Vioxx but it isn't helping.

posted by Drea Beth at 8:17 PM

Wednesday, November 20

Classes I got

ART 275 01 Photography M W 9:00A-11:50A

ART 200 01 Intro to Graphic Design M W 1:00P- 3:50P

ART 270 01 Printmakng: Relief/Screen T H 9:00A-11:50A

ART 261 01 Art History Survey II T H 4:00P- 5:15P

posted by Drea Beth at 6:01 PM

Sunday, November 10

My lungs have been hurting for the past three days and now im loosing my voice. Today we go see Gordon who flew to MN from Japan for 5 days after 8 years of absence. I had to argue with Ship to understand that we should bring the kids too because we are a family and he has been telling the kids about Gordon coming for months now and they were looking forward to meeting him. It should be fun. I feel like Shit

posted by Drea Beth at 8:50 AM

Tuesday, October 29

Some things I have been doing.

baby head is a friends work

self portrait 3

self portrait woman

self portrait man Same Painting (really!!)

Photo Album

posted by Drea Beth at 7:37 PM

Monday, October 28

Crit of my ceramic boots was today. I was 5th in line to go. When it came to me I suddenly felt short of breath, So I did some deep breathing to calm myself. I started off by reading a poem Tom wrote about 5-6 years ago called "The Boots Are to Big". Next, I discussed how I built my pair by using slabs. Then, I told how I added the texture, which is small broken bits of dried clay shoved all over onto one of the boots, to resemble shards of metal; this boot looks aged and worn down. The other boot's texture is slip; brushed on with strokes that make the boot look shiny and unused. I think I did well with this project which the assignment was to fool the eye using a common object then adding texture resembling another object.

I have a few ideas for the current project of a "Narrative Box"; it's going to take a lot of sketching and working out before I actually start building it. I am thinking of faces either looking in or out, with the eyes left as holes to see inside the box.

Tonight I need to at least get started putting a first layer down on my self-portrait painting. We are supposed to talk about them tomorrow in class.

I came home way early and didn't go to "Tossed Salad" (A student juryed, art exhibition opening) or to the Photography Club meeting, so I could study for the ridiculously long and hard Art History exam on Wen. but there are Way to many distractions here so I accomplished nothing.

posted by Drea Beth at 10:02 PM

NICK COLEMAN'S KNOWING MY PLACE: Minnesota loses its steadfast heart
Pioneer Press Columnist

The greatest tragedy in life is that we rarely appreciate what we have until we have it no longer.

I already miss Paul Wellstone's passion, his joy, that kooky way he had of jumping up and down on the stump that drove opponents crazy. They mocked him for being so animated, but in an era when most politicians have the personality of a crash test dummy, Paul Wellstone was alive with humanity and humor.

posted by Drea Beth at 8:11 AM

I am sure you will understand when I tell you I'm going to be late tonight. We have a photo club meeting at 9 pm and I am staying to study until then. The cookies are great! I let the kids have some before they went to school. I will remember to take out the meat. I slept very good except for the neighborís god-damn alarm, which was still going off when you said good-bye and continued to go off until 7:30 am. Tomorrow I plan on throwing something hard at the wall, its pissing me off. What could be the reason for letting your alarm go off for four hours without hitting the snooze button?

posted by Drea Beth at 8:04 AM

Sunday, October 27

I Met a person from France today. They seem nice. Tom made cookies!! YEAAAh.
We Carved Pumpkins. I will post pictures soon mom. The kids had a great time.
I'm still trying to come up with an idea for a narrative box.
We have been looking at Ebay for x-mas gifts, Lots of stuff there.

posted by Drea Beth at 8:06 PM

Daddy is reading The Hobbit out loud to us. I re-made my cinna-buns lastnight and they turned out great! Kids loved them this morning. I have finnished the black underlay (three coats with sanding in-between each coat) for the painting. Now I need it to dry before I start building up the paint for the self-portrait.

posted by Drea Beth at 10:41 AM

Saturday, October 26

Want to help with the VCR fund? ....

posted by Drea Beth at 9:32 PM

My VCR does not work at all now!! It is 11 years old and has never been cleaned or worked on. It lasted a long time I guess. So, now I need a new one..... (hint hint family) lol.

posted by Drea Beth at 8:59 PM

List for today

Work on:

Blanket (did)




Carve pumpkins

Sticky Buns (did but messed up)


Basket Ball (did)

In-laws over (did)

Eye Glasses(did)

posted by Drea Beth at 11:51 AM

Thursday, October 24

news for V. New Hunt Planned for Clues to Pyramid Doors

posted by Drea Beth at 1:43 PM

Oddly Enough

>Snip< Surgeons Deliver 46-Year-Old Fetus (Reuters) - Moroccan surgeons have relieved a 75-year-old woman of what she thought was a long-standing tumor but turned out to be the remains of a 46-year-old fetus, Moroccan newspapers said Thursday. >end Snip<

posted by Drea Beth at 1:38 PM

Friday, October 18

Yesterday I posted a portrait of Tom that I wrote for my English class. He said he liked it. I am thinking of going out to see a movie tonight maybe one-hour photo. My Dad left on Tue. back to OR and back to work. It was good to see him!! The kids sure miss him a lot! My sister and her kids were here one of the days too because they needed to get their stuff out of my garage for their new house. The thing is, my dad and sister do Not speak to each other for some lame reason I assume because it has happened before for 4 years they didnít talk. I wish they would not put me in the middle or make me feel like I have to choose sides. So needless to say, it was awkward. Tomorrow I'm going to school to work on my boots. (ceramics).
Tom just called and wants to know if I wanted to go to Perkins tonight. I was a bit cross but I dont know why.

posted by Drea Beth at 1:20 PM

Wednesday, October 16

On Monday morning started a three-day workshop at the Uni. I have been in the ballroom from 9am - 10 - p.m. with breaks at noon and four. I have seen such people as Don Reitz, Judy Onofrio, and Rudy Autio all on stage at the same time working live on projects of huge proportion.

Don Reitz has been working on his famous teastacks. I have watched him carefully as he has started from scratch with a load of clay. He also has made three platters and has started a punchout and a wall that looks different then this but the same concept. I am very impressed with this man who just had a hart attack two weeks ago and is one of the most colorful people I have ever met. I stayed for his slide lecture last night that lasted until 10 p.m.

Judy Onofrio is working on a large wall piece that looks like a woman lounging on a settee holding a telephone. She is great to listen to and watch with her team of two helpers. Her slide show was also last night. Her slides do not give justice I donít think to the actual size and quality of her work, she is wonderful.

Rudy Autio is a great man who works in clay and is showing us how to build his most famous large sculptures He has done two sculptures that resemble these linked to here in shape. He has also done a jar that he just started under-glazing yesterday. His slide show was yesterday. I have introduced myself to these great people and asked them questions and I am very excited to start working on my ceramics.

posted by Drea Beth at 9:17 AM

Sunday, October 13

Quote from CNNSI" The Twins haven't hit a home run in this series. They haven't played any small ball either. They've drawn just five walks in four games. They've attempted just two stolen bases, and they seem to have removed the hit-and-run sign from third base coach Al Newman's repertoire."

It would be nice to go to the Series again.

posted by Drea Beth at 10:45 AM

Friday, October 11

I have three out of 12 writing assignments finished now. These are due on the 17th. I am going to put off painting and ceramics this weekend sense there is no class (not for working anyway) next week because of a live demo week on campus. Visit the MSU Reporter to find out more, (they are slow updating that site so it may not be on till next week). So, I am going to be working on my Eng. 213 portfolio and reading my Stupid art history book.
My Dad will be here this weekend; he flew in on the 9th and will come down to our place before flying back home. Also, my sister and her kids will be here on Sun. loading their things into a u-haul. She found a house and has moved in, now she needs her stuff of course to make it official.
I think I sprained my wrist on Wen. in ceramics class. We made 370 pounds of clay, weighed it out into 18-pound lumps, packed them down into nice rectangles and double bagged them.

posted by Drea Beth at 12:44 PM

This is my new blogchalk:
United States, MN, Henderson, here, English, Elizabeth, Female, 26-30, College, Art. :)

posted by Drea Beth at 8:22 AM